With an artful fusion of both style and heartfelt emotion, I can guarantee that the photos we create will transcend fleeting, cookie-cutter trends. Each image will tell a compelling story, capturing the essence of your moment in a way that is timeless, evocative, and uniquely your own. 

an opulent experience


I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to each and every couple, ensuring that their journey with me is an undeniably exceptional one, extending from the initial planning stages to the day you receive your gallery. Every detail of your special day holds as much significance for me as it does for you. My commitment to you is to transform your unique vision into tangible, timeless moments, all while providing an unparalleled experience that you'll never forget.

what you can expect

From the very first moment we connect, you'll experience unwavering support, top-tier priority, and a profound sense of empowerment. I meticulously assist in planning every intricate detail of your photography needs in the lead-up to your special event. This thorough and dedicated approach ensures that we capture every cherished moment, preserving your memories in a way that reflects the essence of your unique occasion, stylishly. 

Nothing inspires me more than unique scenery and cultures. I have been privileged to capture weddings all across the globe, including Bolivia, Mexico and more. I typically take on a select number of destination projects and most of my work is based in Chicago. Don't be afraid to inquire if you're dreaming of having me a part of your festivities and we can talk about your vision.

I primarily shoot digital with two cameras, but every now and then I bring a point and shoot for some extra flair. I also offer film photography as an add on to packages. We can talk about this on a consultation call, upon reaching out.

As many photos as it takes to completely tell your story. If it's a beautiful photo, and not a repeat, expect it to be there. That said, you'll typically end up with 75-100 photos per hour of coverage, but it really depends on how packed your day is with events. A wedding with more happening throughout the day will naturally end up with more photos in a final gallery compared to a more simplistic timeline.  

I primarily shoot with Canon gear. I always bring the list below to each wedding I shoot: Canon R5, Canon R6, RF 24-70 mm lens, RF 70-200 mm lens, Godox V1 flashes for receptions, and sometimes I shoot film on a Canon T-70 film camera.

A JNV couple can expect to spend between $6,300-$8,900 depending on their wedding weekend needs. I believe each wedding or project is just as unique as the couple. Each of my clients receives three collections to choose from that best align with their wedding weekend needs or project. I'd love to get to know you, hear about what you're looking for in your photo experience, and see if we'd be a great fit.

Destination weddings start from $7,500

Definitely! My booking process prioritizes your needs and choosing a wedding photographer for your big day can be daunting. I would love to hop on a call to see if we would be a good fit for each other. 

My calendar fills up quickly, and I do my absolute best to provide my couples an experience completely unique and catered to them. In order to do this, I take on a limited number of weddings per year, capping at 20. Rest assured, my goal is to make sure every JNV couple feels well taken care of, and that is a standard that I will never waver from. 


"she goes above and beyond to make sure you feel right at home with her."

Four things I think that set Jaymi apart from many other photographers are: 1) She is incredibly prompt and professional, 2) She really does think for her clients about what she can do to make sure they love the outcome of their photos, 3) Her style is timeless, elegant, bright, and beautiful (shoots the kind of photos that will never go out of style), and 4) She is incredibly personable & goes above and beyond to make sure you (as the client) feel right at home with her- like you're her sister or her best friend. We truly feel like we struck a gold mine with finding Jaymi and I felt at ease on my wedding day because I knew she would turn out the most jaw dropping photos I could ever imagine. 


"She captured the most important day of our lives so beautifully and effortlessly.."

From start to finish, Jaymi was absolutely amazing, professional and easy to work with! To have had the honor of working with someone who is SO passionate, kind, patient, knowledgeable and skilled is something we are forever grateful for. She captured the most important day of our lives so beautifully and effortlessly. She communicated throughout the process, worked calmly through the chaos, and I cannot find the words for how much we love the final results.


"she will become a fast friend to any client she serves"

Jaymi is beyond amazing. Not only is she gifted creatively, but she truly is the whole package. Bubbly, adventurous, flexible, and kind - she will become a fast friend to any client she serves. You'll wind up with stunning photos to cherish and having had a great time during the process too.


"we should have known that rain or shine, she was going to deliver the most dreamy photos."

Bringing Jaymi on as our wedding photographer was no doubt the best decision we made in the planning process. She is an artist and talented does not begin to cover it. 

When she delivered our timeless photos from our Chicago engagement shoot, we knew we wanted to fly her out to New Jersey to photograph our wedding day. 

It ended up raining on our wedding day but she quickly got on board with the last minute change of plans. We were nervous about how it would impact our pictures, but knowing how talented she is, we should have known that rain or shine, she was going to deliver the most dreamy photos. Highly recommend Jaymi for anyone seeking a photographer who combines skill, kindness, and a touch of magic.