our top ten - chicago + midwest wedding florists of 2022

Above: Florals by @Creative Light Design (Based in Los Angeles, CA)

If you're into intentional wedding design and aesthetics like we are, one of the most important decisions you can make for your wedding is well thought out floral design. Choosing your wedding florist can make or break the whole look of your wedding design and to us, it's worth the investment! from a cascading ceremony floral installation, to the delicate design of overflowing table center pieces and bouquets, they play such an important role in bringing your wedding look to life (and even make a massive impact on how your photos turn out!)

Wedding planning can be daunting and stressful, so we've done the work for you and have put together a list of our top ten wedding florists in the Chicago and Midwest Area.

1. thrive floral designs

We had the pleasure of working with Tatiana of Thrive Floral Designs in February and her work is pure art. Between the light and airy feel of her florals, and the modern romantic installations, everything this lady touches turns beautiful. One look at her portfolio, and you'll be swooning over Thrive Floral Designs' delicate pieces and installs. Tatiana is based out of Chicago but available to travel.

2. blooms by morgan

Morgan is a luxury florist focusing on romantic garden inspired designs, and her work is just that. With the whimsical garden party look, it's hard not to fall in love with her work. Morgan serves the Midwest and California, so there is plenty of room to share her work across the country!

3. stemming from love

Jess is another Chicago based florist we love to work with. Stemming From Love creates cutting edge, romantic floral designs and we can't help but fan girl any time we get to work with her and photograph her designs. Jess is so well rounded in her floral work. From whimsical romance to boho dried bleached florals, the possibilities are endless with what she can create for you.

4. Splendor of eden

Brie with Splendor of Eden is another garden inspired florist and her work is an Italian dream. Their designs are perfect for the modern editorial bride and all of her designs look like they could be showcased in a modern art gallery. If we were eloping in Italy, we would hire her and pack her in our suitcases! Brie is a Chicago based florist but available for travel.

5. Michaela Mantarian floral co.

Michaela's modern romantic floral design is a light and airy dream. Her lush bouquets scream "celebration" with a luxury twist. she always knows how to put the perfect color palette together and we are in love with everything about her out of the box floral designs. Michaela serves the Chicago area and beyond.

6. lindbloom floral

Emily with Lindbloom Floral is actually based in Indianapolis, but we had to put her name on the list because she holds a special place in our hearts. Not only is she a phenomenal artist, but she will become a fast friend to anyone she serves. We've had the pleasure to work with her twice, and her designs are always a breath of fresh air. Emily takes her inspiration from her previous art education and anything she touches turns into straight magic.

7. vineyard flower co.

Audi is another Indianapolis based florist that we have had the joy to work with, and her work speaks for itself. Vineyard Flower Co. combines the perfect mixture of loose airy stems and abundant structure. Audi is an artistic genius at bringing a vision to life for a wedding day and we couldn't recommend her more.

8. Fleur to gather

Aimee with Fleur to Gather is for the modern minimal bride and she has such an eye for delicate details, while designing set ups truly unique for her clients. I mean, just look at how perfectly structured that centerpiece is with cool toned color combos and whimsical florals! Aimee is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana but available to travel.

9. Willrett flower co.

Kat and Mary Grace with Willrett Flower Co. are visionaries when it comes to floral design. Their attention to detail, and their luscious floral installs with European inspiration will make you feel like you're in another world. Kat and Mary Grace are truly powerhouses in the wedding industry. This wonder team is based in Chicago, and any bride would be lucky to have them flower for their wedding.

10. Fielden fleur

Evanne with Fielden Fleur is actually based in Central Kentucky, but we couldn't help but swoon over her elevated, luxury floral design. Her work belongs in an art gallery, and she has a way with turning flowers into romantic art. If you're a bride looking at getting married in Kentucky (or hiring from out of state), look no further than Fielden Fleur. She is a true visionary.

There you have it folks. When it comes to floral looks the possibilities are endless and it can get a bit overwhelming planning it all. Rest assured, as long as you have a clear vision for what look you're wanting, and you put your full trust into your wedding florist, we promise you your flower dreams will come to fruition with a little bit of patience (and a whole lot Pinterest saving). Happy wedding planning and a huge congrats to you! Cheers!






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